YWX BFV Community General Regulation

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YWX BFV Community General Regulation

I Basic rules

1. Language and etiquette

1.1 It is prohibited to make statements of racial discrimination, bad politics, regional blackmail, undermining national unity and human flesh

1.2 taunt, EZ, abuse, malicious dismounting

2. Game behavior

2.1 Bad game behavior

1. Malicious destruction of friendly supply stations

2. The Lying Corpse Supply Station maliciously interferes with our vehicles (such as pasting C4 to our tanks, pasting landmines, and wildly lighting cigarettes)

3. Drive the aircraft to the other airport (after takeoff, the landing gear is not fully retracted and is attacked, which is regarded as the airport)

4. Snatch the vehicle of the driver of the supply station who has left home and is repairing the car

5. Deliberate card carrier rebirth position

6. Repeated firing BUG

7. Deliberately send the vehicle to the other party

8. Warm-up Warrior

II Rules for obtaining and using bonus points (local currency)

1. Basic currency information and access rules

1.1 This server supports local currency. Local currency is virtual currency. It is only used in this community. It cannot be discounted. It cannot be transferred. All rights of interpretation belong to the former community

1.2 Community currency is a common currency, which can be used in the communities of other games in the past

1.3 In the Battlefield 5 game, you can get the specific number by participating in the server-to-office warm clothing invitation and other ways. The specific number will be notified in the group announcement below

2. Currency usage rules

2.1 After obtaining the local currency, you can exchange the authority, including but not limited to the maximum number of hits, online exchange, community vip exchange, etc

2.2 Non-refundable, non-repudiation and non-use of currency to trade physical goods shall comply with the provisions of the Civil Code of the People's Republic of China on the protection of virtual property. The community will not illegally deal with users' virtual property

3、 Specific content of currency acquisition and exchange

Local currency acquisition

Join the q group to get 10 coins

Register! Reg gets 30 coins

Every 5 minutes of playing in the server (the number of people in the server is more than 10) will get 1 yuan and a maximum of 40 yuan per game

Get 50 yuan for warm clothes at a time (screenshots are required from the time when there are no more than 10 people warm clothes to 64 people)

Please refer to the group for specific tasks to be released regularly within the group

Local currency consumption

You can buy the server 50 kill limit when you reach 50 yuan

Unlock the following items after purchasing the 50 kill limit

Purchase 1 kill limit per 1 coin User limit 999 kill limit

IV Sub-service owners and group management recruitment

Urgent recruitment of sub-service owners and group management

The sub-server owner shall meet the following qualifications:

1. Love BFV and have good game quality. The game duration is more than 200h (details can be discussed)

2. Have one or two computers in good condition and good configuration (specific contact management)

3. Ensure at least 10 days and more than 6 hours of service opening every month (finally calculate the total service opening time)

4. Kaiser has no income for Aigen, just to create a good game environment

5. Other requirements shall comply with the rules and basic requirements of BFV full version of Robot service>

Group management shall meet the following qualifications:

1. Love BFV and have a deep understanding of games

2. It is not mandatory to require the game duration per month, but try to be online every day (qq) (at least 24 days online). In the q group, you must answer questions and chat privately to help players solve problems

3. It is not allowed to abuse the power. It is not allowed to bully the players because of management. It is not allowed to take responsibility for their due diligence. It is more important to interact with the players in the group to activate the atmosphere

4. The settlement period is once a month. If you want to communicate with the group leader in a timely manner due to academic, professional and other reasons, don't suddenly disappear

Benefits of directly joining the YWX sub-server:

1. Direct access to the full version of the management group leader one-on-one teaching package meeting without 7-day service opening record

2. Get a lot of resources, have a lot of contacts, and serve the internal red packet benefits irregularly

Benefits of joining group management:

On several important issues

Q: My kill limit?

A: Access to all servers can enjoy 85 super high kill limit. Join group chat can be upgraded to 125 kill limit. Register locally! Reg can obtain 50 yuan for 50 kill limit, and a total of 175 kill limit. More need to use currency exchange, 1 yuan for 1 kill limit, and the maximum limit is 999

Q: What type of player is the server suitable for?

A: At present, the main servers are regular unlimited clothes, which are suitable for players with certain BFV proficiency. Although there is no minimum level limit, it is not recommended that Mengxinyou will open the potato chips in the future

Q: How to cancel the plug-in of the server

A: Our server is equipped with BFV Robot data anti-plugins and BFBAN Stone Hammer anti-plugins. Players who have problems in the service management and the server owner's irregular inspection will vote internally to select the server owner. Players can also report. For example, Stone Hammer can get rewards. Our community will do its best to anti-plugins to provide a green and clean community server for the majority of players

Q: How to become a sub-server owner

A: Contact the group manager or group leader for qualification check. After the check is correct, one-to-one tutorial will be conducted to ensure that each server owner is trained and qualified

Q: How to do local! Reg registration

A: First, you must meet the in-game level greater than 60, and then you need to enter it in the full-screen chat area of the community server! Reg Wait for the robot to reply successfully and then enter! Qq+space+qq number (for example! Qq 9999999) Wait for the robot to respond to the binding. Next, enter qgroup. Enter zc=0. Wait for the qgroup robot to respond, and then enter qd=0. (After the in-game binding is successful, synchronize qgroup. There is a delay of about 10 minutes. You can continue to return to qgroup after the game match is over for subsequent operations.)

Q: How to make a global blackstone hammer appeal

A: Local black access to the group @ management group global black access to BFV Robot's open black or Q group or the official website complaints stone hammer access to the BFBAN official website or q group complaints can contact the management group for help specific appeal rules refer to the group announcement

Thank you for joining the YWX community and playing the community server is the greatest help to our community

Contact the management team in case of difficulties or suggestions

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